EmmaLee has always been an artist at heart and is as sweet as the amazing treats she makes. In her life before maui cakes she was a musician and professional dancer but always loved making yummy treats. She would spend hours in her kitchen as a little girl in Utah, making cakes for her big family, dancing and singing the whole time of course. Her grandmother lived next door and was an amazing chocolateer. Needless to say EmmaLee loved learning from her grandma and was also great at taste testing!

As a young girl she thought she would be a dancer forever and didn’t think much of it when her middle school aptitude test results said she would be happiest as a cake artist! She rediscovered her passion for cakes and started her business here on Maui in 2009 and has been loving life ever since.

It is such a rewarding feeling to be able to contribute something so sweet for such special moments in her customers’ lives. She is passionate and truly puts her heart into her work.