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Classic Smooth Buttercream Cake Orders

Classic Smooth Buttercream Cake

$210.00 – $1,925.00
Classic smooth buttercream cake (Flowers not included)

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Classic Textured Buttercream Cake

$210.00 – $1,925.00
Classic butercream Frosting Design with your choice of horrizantal texture, stucco texture, deckled edge or barely naked texture

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sprinkle cake (1)

Sprinkle Cake

$210.00 – $765.00
Classic Sprinkle in your prefered sprinkle color

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Fresh Hibiscus Cake Orders

Fresh Hibiscus

$225.00 – $780.00
Classic White or Ombre Colored Buttercream with fresh hibiscus flowers and edible banner

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Tropical Floral Cake Orders

Tropical Floral Cake

$255.00 – $2050.00
Buttercream Cake with Fresh Tropical Flowers

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Tiki Hut Cake Orders

Tiki Hut

290.00 – $865.00
Buttercream and Fondant Tiki Hut Cake

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Tiki Floral Cake Orders

Tiki Theme

600.00 – $2125.00
Edible Flower Tiki Themed Cake

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Sweetheart Cake Orders

Sweetheart Cake

$230.00 – $765.00
Classic Ruffle Piped Sweetheart Cake

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Unicorn Cake Order

Unicorn Cake

$290.00 – $390.00
Buttercrem Unicorn design with choice of color

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Shark Cake Orders

Shark Cake

$290.00 – $865.00
Buttercream Edible Shark

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Sand Castle Cake Orders

Sand Castle Cake

$400.00 – $2,050.00
Buttercream, Edible Sand and Seshell Cake

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Piped Floral Number Cake Orders

Piped Floral Birthday

$255.00 – $2050.00
White buttercrem cake with piped floral and # Topper

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Number Cake Orders

Number Cake

$250.00 – $565
2 Layer, Number Shaped cake in naked frosting, topped with fresh flowers, macaroons and piped buttercream

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Surfboard Cake Orders

Surf Board Cake

$255.00 – $2050.00
Blue Ocean Themed Buttercream with edible sugar surfboards and floatie

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Elsa Doll Cake Orders

Elsa Doll

$305.00 – $395.00
Elsa Doll Cake (doll not edible)

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Sea Turtle Cake Orders

3D Sea Turtle

3D Sea Turtle Cake

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